Redefining Fitness Products Inc - Fruad. David Shaw and Connie Cate scamming as Redefining Fitness

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Do not give these people your money.They have no intentions of delivering on their orders.

They talk a good game though. When we started to inquire about purchasing equipment in early 2013. David, Connie and Brittany were very easy to get in touch with and were in constant contact until the order was placed and funds were transferred. That's when their communication stopped.

Weeks went by and after making numerous phone calls and sending numerous emails we would receive a couple word responses. That's when the lies started. We've heard every excuse from "Brittany had liposuction", to" the powder coating was wrong" and the equipment had to be resprayed. "The weight stacks aren't coming from china" to "we are searching locally for weight stacks but can't find the right size".

The initial order had an 8 week promised delivery. At the time of this posting we are 8 months past the deadline. They never initiate communication. It seems the only way I've been able to get them on the phone is when they pick up the phone by mistake.

The are definitely screening their calls. We did google "Redefining Fitness Products" and " David Shaw " before placing the order and didn't see any negative reviews. Unfortunately, after transferring funds and doing deeper searches, it appears they have done this many times before using different company names. I'll try to list the companies I found and link to other reviews in hopes of preventing them from ripping off any other customers.

If they respond to this review saying that they have refunded our order, do not believe them unless you see a follow up post from me. That seems to be one of their ploys as well. Here are some links to these scammers and their other business that I've recently found. Better Business Bureau "CONNIE CATE, BRITTANY HOLLAND SCAMMING AS Innofit One Source Fitness 1" Don't forget David Shaw and Connie's mom Shannon Innofit One Source Fitness 1 Source fitness Advantage Fitness Products Fitness Outlet Inc.

Power Strength Cyclex-vr Fitness Plus DAVID L SHAW ENTERPRISES 1723 S Boyd SANTA ANA, CA 92705 http://ONESOURCEFITNESS.… Office / Manufacturing: 2844 S. Croddy Way Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA Mailing Address: Redefining Fitness Products, Inc.

668 N Coast Hwy #180 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Innofit INC (714) 258-1111 | http://FITEGO.COM 2844 S Croddy Way, Santa Ana, CA | Directions Multiple customers complaining about being ripped off. Brittany Holland (Ironic that she works with fitness equipment)

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Tustin, California, United States #834519

This Company lives off ripping people off!!!David Shaw NEVER answers his phone after he takes your money.

He stole from us $7,500 and is not willing to give us our money back. We are also in process of suing him and his company for what they have done. We did get some of the equipment we purchased and got it under warranty but he fails to answer the phone when we need any types of repair. The equipment constantly needs repairs and we have to pay someone else to come and fix it.

Even though we purchased warranty with this loser he never comes to fix it.

We have left messages after messages telling him we need the money back for the equipment he never gave us and letting him know the equipment we did get needs repair but he never gets back to us.Please beware of this man and his company they have stolen money from more people not just us!


They owe our small company for freight we delivered. The sickest thing they did was tell us Brittany lost a baby to leukemia. How sick is that?

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